Group Training

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Our group training programs leverages the power of competition and community to help you achieve functional health and fitness goals. Great for people who have limited time and want to stay fit in their homes.

Our Process

Our priority when it comes to custom, goal-based personal training is to help you create a process that works for you and your lifestyle. The following is our unique process that helps us to determine your needs and how to proceed. 


#1 - Questionnaire

Using our questionnaire, we will assess your current state,  background, obstacles, nutrition, and goals.


#2 - Physical Assessment

We will meet with you to establish your current physical state. We will check your mobility, weight, measurements, cardiovascular health, and basic strength level.


#3 - Training Sessions

Ongoing training that is fun, friendly, and functional. We will help you with day-to-day fitness needs (ie. balancing sedentary lifestyles for people who sit at their jobs, carrying groceries, keeping up with your children, etc.)

Prices & Packages

Browse our collection of packages for your personal training needs. Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us today if you have any pressing questions about our health and fitness services.

Drop-In - $200/session

For groups of up to of six people. Share the cost between your group. Schedule us at any time to do a one-off 60-minute workout. Keep in mind that the larger the group, the harder it will be to offer individual focus.

On-going Training

Pre-buy packages of 4 ($600), 8 ($1000), or more training sessions. Each session is 60-minutes long. Limited to up to a maximum of 6-people per training session.