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Whether you’re trying to lose weight, become more mobile, recover from an injury, or train for a competition (ie. body-building, sports, marathon), our personal trainer Joshua McKaye will work with you to reach your goals. 

Our Process

Our priority when it comes to custom, goal-based personal training is to help you create a process that works for you and your lifestyle. The following is our unique process that helps us to determine your needs and how to proceed. 


#1 - Questionnaire

Using our questionnaire, we will assess your current state,  background, obstacles, nutrition, and goals.


#2 - Physical Assessment

We will meet with you to establish your current physical state. We will check your mobility, weight, measurements, cardiovascular health, and basic strength level.


#3 - Set Realistic Goals

We will work with you to set short and long-term goals to help you reach your destination.


#4 - Training

We will meet with you at your home or at a gym to help you chip away at your health and fitness goals. Frequency will depend on your goal, availability, and budget.

Prices & Packages

Browse our collection of packages for your personal training needs. Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us today if you have any pressing questions about our health and fitness services.

Drop-In - $100

Schedule us at any time to do a one-off 60-minute workout.

Starter Package - $250

Includes a 45-minute assessment and one 45-minute baseline training session.

On-Going Training: Starting at $80/hour

Pre-buy packages of 5, 10, or more training sessions. Workout frequency will depend on your fitness goals. All training packages come with ongoing nutritional coaching and meal planning.


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